Camper Vinicius Gushiken put together this sweet edit of his two weeks shredding at America’s Bike Park during Ayr Academy Sessions 1 and 2!


Camp Giveaway Videos

Thanks to everyone that participated in the contest! There were a bunch of great videos and unfortunately we can only pick one.  Looking forward to hosting more of these next summer.

Thanks again – Moe

Winner:  Sophia Rugo Interview

Here are most of the other entries except a few that were uploaded just to facebook. These are not in any particular order.

Luke Rivas Interview

Tyler Robinson Interview

The Tyler Robinson interview – More Mountain Bike Videos

Jacob Pawlak Interview

Andrew Wegiel Interview

Forest Borden Interview

Ryan Simonovich Interview

Camper Name Interview – Ryan Simonovich on Pinkbike

James McCluskey Interrogation

Camper Name Interview (interogation) from Off the Grid Productions on Vimeo.

Adam Bartley Interview


Ayr and the GoPros

One of our campers’ favorite parts of the Ayr Academy is getting their hands on our GoPro Cameras. Throughout the week they sign out the cam’s, are taught how to use them, and how to edit their footage into short vid’s. And who better to learn how to use a GoPro from than Aaron Chase. He is a GoPro sponsored athlete after all and trust us, he knows how to make these things work to their max potential. Check out the pic’s of Aaron teaching the tricks of the trade.



ChaseLife 20 (Home) from Aaron Chase on Vimeo.